de novo film

 creates formally experimental work.


as filmmakers, we are drawn to making the unseen seen - to revealing the hidden narratives by which we live our lives, and seeing the eccentric in the everyday.


we use form to interrogate social issues by creating alternative visual narratives.



completed projects

Visitors (2017) - A thriller in one shot.


Surfing (2016) - Created for Channel 4's Random Acts and commissioned by Calling The Shots. An experimental short film interrogating the conflict between our ability to multitask and our attention span in the digital world – a conflict which the viewer themselves experiences whilst watching our film online.

Fan's Labyrinth (2016) - A short film created through a deconstruction of the formal qualities of a video blog, interrogating how we express grief online and deal with that grief being in the public sphere. 

III (2016) - Screened at the Phoenix Picturehouse Oxford. An atmospheric short film as landscape art, expressing story without a linear narrative.

the sex lives of eels (2015) - Highly Commended by the 100 Film Race and shortlisted in the Top 5 for Shooting People's Film of the Month. A character study created through improvisation, questioning the stigma we struggle with in being ourselves.

projects in pre and post production

nuclear (Pre Production, 2017) - A microshort created using the stylistic tropes of advertising, to subvert warped representations of the family in the age of austerity. 


G​reene and Pleasant (Pre Production, 2017) - A Parable.